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a different kind of money app

Reducing stress, increasing outcomes

Welcome to a world where financial wellness is within everyone's reach. At, we're not just an app - we're a movement towards smarter, stress-free money management.

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Our easy financial coaching simplifies money management, offering helpful tips and smart strategies. Effortlessly track your spending and saving with, your pocket-sized money buddy, designed to help you make wiser financial choices. Plus, enjoy watching how good money habits can change your life for the better.

Whether you're running a team or part of one, makes your financial journey easy and rewarding.

Join us and start your path to financial health!

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Custom image of a compass star reflecting as a guide for navigating financial health.Custom image of a navigation star reflecting as a guide for navigating financial health.
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the ultimate money guide

Guidance at every turn

Wave hello to a whole new way of handling money with – it's not just any plan, it's your plan!'s Guide feature is like a friendly helper for you and your team's money journey.

Whether saving up for something big, creating a spending plan, or thinking about the future, is there for every step. When your team uses's Guide, they'll learn to be money-smart, check on their habits, and get better with cash for a long time.

Forget one-size-fits-all money tips. Choose and see your team build strong, lasting financial health that they'll actually enjoy achieving!

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Building Blocks of Coaching

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Financial capability

Gain the skills, confidence, and tools to navigate your money with ease and success.
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Science-based habit change

Transform your daily routines into powerful actions for lasting success.
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Real human coach support

Personalized guidance and encouragement from experts who understand your path to success.
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Customized AI coaching

Tailored personalized coaching designed uniquely for you, guiding your journey to success.

What is financial coaching?

A money guide to help you make smart choices and reach your money goals

Taking Care Of Your Money Is Fundamental To Long-Term Health

Interactive Fun

We think learning about money should be fun and easy to understand.'s coaching has personalized content, cool articles and quizzes that make money interesting. We use real stories and helpful tips, so you can get how tricky financial topics work in everyday life.

Learning At Their Pace

Automated financial coaching is super flexible. You and your team can learn about money on your own time and in your own way. Get to resources, fun learning stuff, and tools anytime you want, making your money learning journey just right for you.

Image of cards representing learning modules in the app. The top card is Emergency Funds 101, a foundation for anyone's financial health.

Personalized Guidance

Automated financial coaching leverages advanced algorithms and data analysis to deliver personalized guidance tailored to each individual's financial journey. This customized approach helps your employees make informed decisions and take actions that align with their specific goals and circumstances.

Data-Driven Behavioral Insights offers valuable insights and trends that help users better understand their financial habits and patterns. These data-driven insights empower employees to make more informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

A collection of images featuring different aspects of the app; Mindset Reflection, spending categories, needs/wants, and how many transactions the user has to swipe. These all combine to help improve the financial health of users.

Interactive Tools To Apply Theory to Practice

Learning about money isn't as helpful if you can't apply it.'s suite of practical tools allow employees to track expenses and analyze your progress.

A Complete Financial Roadmap

Personalized modules serve as a comprehensive financial roadmap. Each module is thoughtfully designed to address key areas of financial well-being, such as saving, investing, and debt management.

A collection of images that show different learning modules in the app; Emergency Funds 101, 401k Plans Explained, and Flexible Spending Plans. Understanding these concepts and more improve user financial health.
Custom image of a navigation star reflecting as a guide for navigating financial health.
Image of a woman on her phone using the chat feature of the app to speak with a real person about her financial health.
Custom image of a navigation star reflecting as a guide for navigating financial health.'s Coaching Roadmap's roadmap retains and reinforces.'s roadmap improves upon traditional financial coursework through effective e-learning modules.Based on science-backed learning theory that has been shown to increase retention by up to 40%, your team members will master new material, and learn how to apply their knowledge and skills at every stage of their journey.

Healthy money habits are formed and rewarded with positive reinforcement.'s financial roadmap supports your employees along their unique financial journey so they can go at their own pace and feel supported with the right tools at every step.

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