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A roadmap to financial health is a financial health platform bringing financial health to workers everywhere. We help employees build better habits, manage their cash flow, and improve their quality of life through automated financial coaching packed with personalized data and a human touch.

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It means we navigate it, and by “it” we mean life.

"It" stands for all the ups and downs, injustices, barriers, and challenges of life. represents power, accomplishment, and that confidence you feel when you have successfully navigated a challenging situation. Whether it's financial problems like money management, a salary negotiation, a loss, a cross-continent move, a cost of living increase, or just a basic conflict about dishes with your roommate, is here.

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The journey to

We’re building with people and for people. We believe product development is an act of service and a way to build toward a more inclusive and accessible future. We truly care about our customers, and this comes through in how they’re involved in our process and in how our product shows up in the world. We aim to build cohesive, meaningful products - validated by market and user research and data. We strive to be compassionate teammates, too.

Custom image of a simplified compass star, reflecting as a company that helps people navigate their finances.

Core Values of

We Can’t Afford to Be Stressed About Money

At, we understand that financial stress is more than just numbers - it's about the impact it has on our daily lives, both as individuals and as a community. In today's fast-paced world, where economic uncertainty can loom large, we believe that no one should have to navigate financial challenges alone. We're committed to being a human-first platform, fostering a culture of transparent innovation, inclusivity, and community.

Here, your financial well-being is more than a goal; it's our shared journey towards a stress-free, financially secure future for all.

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We are humans who are creating products with the best interest of its users in mind.

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Transparent Innovation

We challenge the status quo while ensuring we are transparent about our business practices.

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Inclusivity & Community

We acknowledge every customer and their financial journey is unique. We value our customers’ diverse backgrounds, yet build products with the same goal in mind: build wealth and be healthy.

Beyond Retirement Limits

Retirement plans aren't enough

Optimizing Cashflow And Unlocking Savings Potential Is A Key To Reducing Chronic Financial Stress
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Employees Connect what's happening in their life to understand their behavior and how it impacts their spending.



See spending trends and use our predictive analytics to know yourself and your finances better.



Simplify the way you achieve your financial well-being. Our FinWell Score will help keep you on track.

Our team of navigators

Meet the movers and makers behind, the Finanancial Health app:

Image of co-founder and CEO, Erin Papworth.

Erin Papworth

Founder & CEO
Image of co-founder and CRO, Maia Monell.

Maia Monell

Founder & CRO
Image of Head of Growth, Kaitlyn Ranze.

Kaitlyn Ranze

Head of Growth
Image of Head of Engineering, Forrest Pieper.

Forrest Pieper

Head of Engineering
Image of Director of Education, Jenifer Sapel.

Jenifer Sapel

Director of Education
Image of Director of Business Development, Heidi Peterson.

Heidi Peterson

Director of Business Development
Image of Account Management, Nicole Roos.

Nicole Roos

Account Management
Image of Full Stack Software Engineer, Brayan Lozano.

Brayan Lozano

Full Stack Software Engineer
Image of Software Engineer, Victor Hidrogo.

Victor Hidrogo

Software Engineer
Image of Lead UI/UX Designer, Alanna Murphy.

Alanna Murphy

Lead UI/UX Designer
Image of yours truly, Growth and Operations Coordinator, Kenneth Medford.

Kenneth Medford

Growth and Operations Coordinator
Image of Head of Product, Michael Rosenthal.

Michael Rosenthal

Head of Product