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Financial health benefits for your team is a powerful health benefit for your team.

Designed with HR leaders in mind, seamlessly integrates into your existing employee wellness programs, enhancing organization productivity and employee satisfaction. Its evidence-based approach not only reduces financial stress but also fosters a culture of financial literacy and wellbeing within your workforce. is habit-changing, stress-reducing, and backed by science.

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Straight from other HR leaders

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Retention has never been more challenging

  • 81% say wellness tools help attract higher-quality employees.
  • 46% have seen an increase in resignations in 2022.
  • 30% of employees have switched jobs or thought about switching jobs in the past year.
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And financial stress continues to cripple employees

  • 62% of employees are stressed about their finances.
  • 80% of employees are concerned about inflation.
  • 71% feel the cost of living is outpacing growth in their salary or wages.
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Outcome-based solutions win

Financial health benefits can help unlock powerful opportunities for teams and their businesses
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Pay down debt

Navigators pay down an average of $3,000 in credit card debt.
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Save more

Navigators save on average $750 more during the time they use
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Better credit

Navigators see an average increase of their credit score by 50 points.

So, let's tackle the largest stressor first

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Financial stress and performance

More than half of employees experience negative physical effects due to financial stress, including disrupted sleep, mood swings, and strained relationships.
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Financial stress and healthcare costs

A staggering 50% rise in expenditures are linked to stress-related conditions. Hypertension, heart disease, and other conditions  compromise employee health and also significantly escalate company healthcare expenses.
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Custom image of a compass icon reflecting as a guide to help people navigate their finances.

Improving financial stress looks different with

Built by behavioral scientists and health experts, helps your employees manage money differently


Get smart with money! makes learning about money easy. It breaks down tricky money topics, so your team gets the know-how to handle their cash like pros. Knowing more means making better money moves


Always here to help - isn't just about tips. It's like having a money coach in your pocket. We're with your team every step of the way, making sure everyone feels cool, confident, and in control of their money journey.


Take charge. It's all about doing, not just knowing. gives your employees  the tools to rock their money plan. Check  spending, learn new money tricks every day, and turn smart ideas into real money moves. Less stress, more progress – that's how we roll.

Financial health for your employees at any financial stage

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Trend Analysis for Smarter Saving

Practical tools to easily identify and leverage financial patterns, enhancing savings and spending strategies for long-term success.
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Human Coaching

When life or money gets complicated, provides each employee with in-app, human financial coaches.
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Habit Forming

Building financial health doesn't happen in a day. Forming a new financial habit is made easier with fun, simple features.
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Safe & Confidential

Security is our first priority. We'll never share individual data and we use best-in-class technology to ensure users stay protected.

The Cost of Poor Financial Health

A financially insecure workforce makes an unstable workforce


$15,000/employee/year on employees' mental health


$413/employee/year in additional healthcare expenditure relating to financial stress


$10,000/employee/year bounce-back reoccurrence and non-adherence to health treatment plans

Underutilization costs employers and employees

Help your employees make the most of their benefits.
51% of the workforce contributed to an employer-sponsored 401(k) in 2021, despite 68% of the workforce having access to it.
24% of covered workers are enrolled in HSA-qualified HDHPs in 2022, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Let guide your employees to increased benefit utilization.
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Empower your employees with

The burden of chronic financial stress can be overwhelming. is designed to guide your employees toward greater financial stability, helping them make consistently sound financial decisions.

Thanks to your support, they'll align their spending with their emotional well-being, gaining peace of mind and confidence in their financial journey.
Your employees will navigate financial obstacles with
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Financial Health starts here

Track mental, emotional, physical, and financial health all in one place

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