Software Engineer - Flutter

Full time

Role: Junior Flutter Engineer

Start Date: Immediate

Type: Full Time (40 hours per week), Remote

Company Overview: Inc. is a leading financial technology company that empowers individuals to take control of their financial well-being. Our innovative mobile application provides users with personalized financial insights, budgeting tools, and educational resources to navigate their financial journeys effectively.

Role Summary:

We are hiring a Junior Flutter Engineer to report to the Head of Product and help develop the mobile application. We’re looking for someone with some experience with the Flutter framework who is eager to build features that help our users better navigate their financial goals. 


  1. Participate in code reviews
    1. Rapid turnaround (same or next day)
    2. No rubber-stamping! You will be invested in the long-term quality of our codebase
    3. Help ensure we continue to follow our very good layered architecture
    4. Commitment to 100% testing coverage
  2. Provide a frontend/Flutter perspective at our weekly Engineering Design Meeting as needed
  3. Use knowledge of BLoC and Providers to build and test new features
  4. Translate Figma designs into responsive mobile UI code
  5. Collaborate with backend developer to integrate new API features
  6. Write automated tests to ensure the reliability and robustness of the app components and user flows
  7. Proactively identify and fix any issues to enhance application performance, including maintaining dependencies up to date


  1. 1+ years of professional Flutter development experience
  2. 2+ years of frontend development experience(React, React Native, Vue, Angular)
  3. Knowledge of Flutter best practices
  4. Knowledge of BLoC best practices
  5. Familiarity with native mobile development
  6. Experience with Figma is a plus

How to Apply

Email your resume to

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