Automated financial coaching

Tap into the power of personalized guidance, interactive educational resources, and check-ins. Automated financial coaching meets employees where they are with a suite of tools to support money management.

This customized guidance equips your team with the tools they need to achieve financial security and peace of mind - the fun way.

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Two employees looking at cashflow trends.
Flow chart of guidance we will provide. Users using the app will provide them with insights. They will also have access to coaching, leading to more insights and increased understanding of spending habits.

Guidance at every turn

Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all solution and hello to a personalized journey.

Our Guide feature is here to support your team members on their unique financial journey.

Whether they're looking to create a spending plan, save for a major purchase, or plan for retirement, has them covered every step of the way.

With access to's Guide feature, employees will practice better money habits, assess behaviors, and improve financial well-being for the long term.

All-in-one financial benefits don't work. Let provide the first benefit that your teams will love to use to build lasting financial health.
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Building Blocks of Automated Financial Coaching

Financial capability fun
Automated financial coaching is more than just another chatbot. Through quizzes, simulations, and interactive modules, workers can acquire and practice financial skills - the fun way.
Using gamification can lead to higher levels of engagement, which ultimately leads to better financial well-being outcomes.
Customized AI coaching
Unlock the potential of your employees' financial well-being and harness the power of customized AI coaching. revolutionizes how workers approach their finances and the benefits you offer them.
Personalized guidance enhances their decisions that lead to improved quality of life and lasting financial well-being.
Real human coach support
Experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge automation and personalized human support in Our automated features provide convenience and efficiency, while our team of experts offers personalized guidance and support. This ensures your team receives the best of both worlds for a truly comprehensive financial coaching experience.
Science-based habit change
A few key principles go into habit change, including understanding triggers and reward systems. With the Money coaching app, your team members will become more mindful of spending, understand the psychology behind spending decisions, and be rewarded for improving their money habits.

Financial coaching is a blend of counseling and education.

Taking care of your money is fundamental To long-term health

"SaasBox lets us create a month’s worth of content in one week for our clients, allowing us to spend the rest of the month engaging and optimizing.”

Content That Engages
‍We believe in making financial education enjoyable and relatable. automated coaching offers engaging content, including interactive articles and quizzes, that bring financial concepts to life. With real-life examples and practical tips, our content helps you understand complex financial topics and apply your newfound knowledge to real-world situations.

Learning At Their Pace
Automated financial coaching offers flexibility, allowing users to engage with the platform at their own pace and according to their specific needs. Users can access resources, educational content, and tools whenever it suits them, enabling a self-guided and customizable experience.

Preview of app content. How do I start an emergency fund? Emergency Funds 101: Prepare for the unexpected. 401k Plans Explained. Flexible Spending Plans.
App content preview. Emergency Fund 101: Starting an emergency fund is one of the hardest steps to accomplish if you're not in the habit of saving. Don't sweat it, John. You're $289 away from having $1,000 in your trust savings.

Personalized Guidance
Automated financial coaching leverages advanced algorithms and data analysis to deliver personalized guidance tailored to each individual's financial journey. This customized approach helps your employees make informed decisions and take actions that align with their specific goals and circumstances.

Data-Driven Behavioral Insights offers valuable insights and trends that help users better understand their financial habits and patterns. These data-driven insights empower employees to make more informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Interactive Tools To Apply Theory to Practice
Learning about money isn't as helpful if you can't apply it.'s suite of practical tools allow employees to track expenses and analyze your progress.

A Complete Financial Roadmap
Personalized modules serve as a comprehensive financial roadmap. Each module is thoughtfully designed to address key areas of financial well-being, such as saving, investing, and debt management.

Track & Celebrate Milestones
Tracking progress is essential for motivation and growth. Our platform lets employees monitor their financial journey through an intuitive dashboards and progress trackers.

App content preview. Chapter 1: What is an Emergency Fund? Chapter 2: How much money should you have in your Emergency Fund? Chapter 3: How to start saving for an Emergency Fund? Chapter 4: Where to keep your Emergency Fund?
Financial literacy road map: student loans, emergency fund, career change.'s coaching-informed roadmap retains and reinforces.'s roadmap improves upon traditional financial coursework through effective e-learning modules.
Based on science-backed learning theory that has been shown to increase retention by up to 40%, your team members will master new material, and learn how to apply their knowledge and skills at every stage of their journey.

Healthy money habits are formed and rewarded with positive reinforcement.'s financial roadmap supports your employees along their unique financial journey so they can go at their own pace and feel supported with the right tools at every step.

Demonstrate your commitment to the financial wellness of your employees

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Gain clarity around their finances based on their values.  After guiding your team members to emotions and behaviors, they help them identify your behavior patterns. Money coaches also help them understand their beliefs about money are often at the root of their spending issues.

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Create a financial plan, set meaningful goals, and commit to actionable strategies, including a budget: Coaches view money as a tool rather than a destination. Thus they will work with your team to establish their unique short-, mid-, and long-term goals with reasonable timelines.

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Build financial capability: Coaches will provide appropriate resources to help you learn about personal finance and how to make informed money decisions once you have a plan and prioritized steps to achieve them, a coach’s role shifts to education and guidance.

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Money coaches will also offer support and accountability to help your team members achieve their financial goals. From time to time, they will also work with you to review progress, correct deviations, and celebrate accomplishments.

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