Financial well-being for your team

Boost your team's quality of life. Habit-changing, stress-reducing, and backed by science, at Work is the next financial well-being benefit for your team.

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"A worried workforce on the rise

What employers are saying

81% say wellness tools help attract higher-quality employees.
46% have seen an increase in resignations in 2022.
30% of employees have switched jobs or thought about switching jobs in the past year.

What employees are saying

62% of employees are stressed about their finances.
80% of employees are concerned about inflation.
71% feel the cost of living is outpacing growth in their salary or wages.

Outcome-based solutions win

Align company objectives with human values to show solidarity, commitment, and care

"SaasBox lets us create a month’s worth of content in one week for our clients, allowing us to spend the rest of the month engaging and optimizing.”

Pay down debt
Navigators pay down an average of $3,000 in credit card debt.
Save more
Navigators save on average $750 more during the time they use
Better credit
Navigators see an average increase of their credit score by 50 points.
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Prioritizing the largest stressor

Two out of five employees.
Talent retention
40% of employee turnover is due to stress
50% increase.
Healthcare costs
50% increase in healthcare expenditures due to stress

Financial health for any stage

Goal-based Savings
Grow savings automatically because no goal is too small. Help meet any commitment on time.
virtual coaching.
Human Coaching
When life gets, well, complicated provide each employee with in-app human financial coaches.
Habit Forming Functionality
Building financial health doesn't happen in a day. Forming a new financial habit is made easier with fun, simple features.
secure box.
Safe & Confidential
Security is our first priority. We'll never share individual data and we use best-in-class technology to ensure users stay protected.

The Cost of Poor Financial Health

A financially insecure worker makes an unstable workforce

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$15,000/employee/year on employees' mental health issues
$2,000/employee/year on stress-induced absenteeism and lower productivity
$10,000/employee/year bounce-back reoccurrence and non-adherence to health treatment plans

Underutilization costs employers and employees

Help your employees make the most of their benefits.

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51% of the workforce contributed to an employer-sponsored 401(k) in 2021, despite 68% of the workforce having access to it.

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24% of covered workers are enrolled in HSA-qualified HDHPs in 2022, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

An example of insights available to employers. Number of users: 66.7% or 2000 of 3000. Monthly actives: 60% or 1200 of 2000. Dailey Money Mindset: 26.7% or 800 of 3000. New Goals Created: 117% a 300 increase from 256 last month.
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Learn to track emotional and financial fitness

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Learn to track emotional and financial fitness

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